Whole School Learning - Physical Activity

PE at Home

Whilst families make huge sacrifices to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, here are some fun activities that household bubbles can take part in. These activities will keep the whole family active and engaged in physical activity.

Active Sussex Virtual School Challenge

For more information and to sign up for the Specsavers ‘Virtual’ Sussex School Games, visit www.sussexschoolgames.co.uk and follow @SussexSchGames on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Jo Wickes

I started the Body Coach TV with a goal to offer free home workouts to everyone, no matter what their fitness levels. It's taken me a long time to grow it but it now has over 250+ free workouts and reaches millions of people all over the world ☺️ Have you tried any of my workouts yet

Cricket Ball Skills

Chance to Shine

Try the first of our weekly skills challenges to support children to stay active.

Kids Circuits

This FUN KIDS WORKOUT will have you sweating and moving using cones or paper plates. Perform FUN DRILLS like LATERAL SHUFFLES, SQUAT SHUFFLES, LEAP FROGS, HIGH KNEES , BEAR CRAWLS, HOP SCOTCH, and PLANK TAPS!

The Ballet Coach

Hi, I'm Sarah Du-Feu The Ballet Coach. I produce fun and imaginative ballet videos for children to practice dance at home. My aim is to help children build self-confidence, creativity and increase their physical activity through dance.

Jump Start Jonny

Keep your family fit and healthy at home with weekly Workouts and activities from Jump Start Jonny!

There's loads to enjoy, from Energizers that will keep you active to Challenges that will zap your kids' excess energy!

PE Project - Circuits

Time yourself doing different activities.

Record the time and see if you can do it quicker next time.

Simple things you could try

  1. 20 Body weight squats

  2. 10 Push-ups

  3. 10 Walking lunges – each leg.

  4. Dumbbell rows (using any item like a milk jug): 10 each arm.

  5. Plank: 15 seconds.

  6. Jumping jacks: 30 reps.