Home learning for Reception - Wrens

Week Beginning 20th April

Dear Wrens Parents and Children,

We hope you have had a lovely Easter and been able to enjoy doing things at home with your families.

From this week we will be setting a few more activities for you to have a go at at home.

Each day there is a Phonics, English, Maths and Learning Journey lesson or activity that you can do with your child if you wish. You may find some of these need more adult input than others.

Please do not worry if you can't manage all of these but it gives you a few different options in your day. You will notice that each daily session builds on the one before so if for example you miss a day then try to do it the next time you are able to so that the children's learning builds with each activity.

During our day at school we would expect the children to sit on the carpet or work with an adult for short periods of time (aim for 15 minutes) interspersed with them following their own interests and playing in the environment. You may find you would like to structure your day in a similar way with 15 minutes spent on phonics, some time playing independently, 15 minutes of maths before lunch and so on. See what works for you! We know this is a challenging time for everyone.

If you need any help or support you can get in touch via email or the online live chat and we are hoping to have Tapestry up and running soon too.

Stay safe and well, and most importantly; have fun!

Mrs Pontefract & Mrs Pratt




Recap phase 2 and 3 sounds we have learned using the sound mat. Focus on todays sound ‘ng’

Read the words ‘sing’ ‘song’ ring’ ‘long’ together. Put on sound buttons to help you to read. Can you write the sentence ‘Sing a song to me’

Practise: Phase 2 tricky words

Practise: Phase 3 tricky words


Focus on today’s sound ‘ai’. Have a go writing aim, wait, pain. Write the caption ‘the dog got wet in the rain’ and draw a picture to go with it. Play on phonics play- buried treasure. Select Phase 3 and the ‘ai’ sound.


Today’s sound is ‘ee’. Read the words ‘see’ ‘tree’ ‘feet’ ‘peel’ ‘seed’ Write the sentences ‘I can see the queen’. ‘He has big feet’ Play on phonics play – Sentence substitution


Today’s focus is using the sounds ‘ai’ and ‘ee’ that we have learned and putting an ‘l’ afterwards.

Can you write the words wail, pail, tail, peel, sail, feel, hail, mail. Can you make up a sentence using any of these words? Practise reading your phase 3 tricky words using the youtube video clip:

Can you write any of your keywords without looking at them?


Today’s sound is ‘oa’ Draw out some 3 box phoneme frames (or print some out) and write the words: loaf, toad, soap, goat.

*There should be one sound in each box e.g.:

Play Picnic on Pluto on phonics play – select phase 3 and the sound ‘oa’




Consider signing up to ‘Teach Your monster to read’ (website & app available)

Or: Oxford Owl (free sign up and access to ebooks including Biff & Chip ones)


Practise correct letter formation of all the curly caterpillar letters. Make sure you are starting in the right place!


Practise reading- book & keywords

Handwriting: Can you write your full name?

Pick a monster from the image below (or one of your choice from a favourite film, book or TV show) Can you write words or sentences to describe what they look like? E.g. He is green. He has 6 legs.


Practise reading- book & keywords


Look at your monster from yesterday.

Today can you write a sentence to describe their monster power?

e.g. She is very strong. He can make everyone giggle.


Today we would like you to design your own monster. Draw a picture of him or her and give your monster a name. Then describe him.


Listen/watch the story of ‘The Monster Bed’ on you tube

Write your favourite part of the story. ‘I liked it when…’ ‘My favourite bit was…’



Today our maths is about using positional language. You could read a book like ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and act out the different actions ‘over’ ‘under’ ‘through’

Ask a sibling or grown up to put a teddy in different places and then describe where it is. E.g. ‘next to the chair’ ‘on the table’ ‘between the tv and the bookcase’ ‘behind the sofa’ ‘under the blanket’


Today we will extend what we did yesterday.

Can you (safely!) create an obstacle course in your house or garden and then give someone else instructions e.g. walk between the bricks, go under the blanket, around the flowerpot, over the “river”. Be as creative as you can!

As an extension to this activity:

Can you draw a map of a journey? E.g. the way to school/ the way to the park/ how to get to the toy shop from waitrose?

Can you use descriptive language with your grown up e.g. go past the post office, turn down the road next to the roundabout.


Recap 2D shapes and 3D shapes that we have learned (you are all very good at these!)

You could use these youtube shape songs to support you:

Have a look in your house – and maybe in the recycling! What 3D shapes can you find.




Can you collect 21 items that you can write on- leaves/ bits of paper/ bricks.

Number these from 0-20. Practise counting and make sure you are careful with those tricky teen numbers.

Can you put them in order?

Ask a grown up to take away one or two when you’re not looking- what is the missing number? (you could start with just up to 10 first)


Watch Numberblocks episode ‘Ten’ on cbeebies iplayer. (Series 2, episode 5)

Can you make the Numberblock 10 using something in your home e.g. lego, duplo, playdough, boxes.

Count forward and backwards from 10 pointing to each square at a time.

Can you break your Numberblock 10 into two pieces and then record this? We call these our number bonds to 10.

e.g. 4 and 6 is 10, 2 and 8 is 10, 10 is 5 and 5.

Learning Journey


Keep Active: Joe Wicks PE or Cosmic Kids Yoga & a daily walk ☺

Signs of Spring- what can you see out of your window or on your daily walk? Can you draw and label a picture of what you see?


Can you draw/ paint/collage or make an animal or insect you might find in the Spring?


Crafty ideas:


See if you can make your own musical instrument. You could make a guitar using a box and elastic bands or a shaker with cups and rice. Can you play your favourite song and move to the music whilst playing your instrument?

Other Learning

This week have a go at some activities from 50 things to do before you’re 5. You can look at this on facebook and download the app too if you like.

Can you complete number 8: blow bubbles!

If you don’t have any bubble mixture try using some washing up liquid.

You could have a go at a “snake bubble maker” using a bottle and some material or a sock. Have a look at this video:


This week have a go at some activities from 20 Screen Free activities

20 screen free activities.pdf