Home learning for Year 4 - Magpies

Google Classroom

Work from 20th April can be found on Google Classroom.

Log into your your school emails and then click on Google classroom https://classroom.google.com/

If you need to reset your password email password@harlandsprimary.org

Notes on Google classroom from Mrs Rawlins and Mrs Masham

Home Learning for Weeks commencing 20th April and 27th April 2020

Dear Magpies,

Below is a bit of information about what we would like you to do over the next two weeks. The work is set on Google Classroom so you will need to log in to find it.

There are 5 English and 5 maths tasks for each week. There are two learning journey lessons and a science lesson for each week which we would suggest you do in the afternoons (like we do at school). In addition, there is RE, Music and French.

The resources are attached to each of the assignments for you. The PowerPoints will guide you through what you need to do. Please view these as a slide show so that you get the best from them.

We would like a record of your work to be kept in your home learning book. Ideally, where possible, we would also like you to send it to us so that we can give you some feedback. You can therefore complete your work using Google Docs or upload a document or picture of it. If you store everything on your Google Drive, you will know where it all is. You can then easily attach it in Classroom.


In English, we are using the text Nim’s Island. We have added some audio so that you can listen to the story.

For each lesson, write the date and the WALT and underline them using a pencil and ruler. You will also need to write the success criteria in your very best handwriting.

For some of the work, we have given easier, moderate and hard options (mild, spicy and hot). Please choose a level that will challenge you. Remember, if it is too easy or too difficult, you won’t learn. You can always change if you have made the wrong choice.

For the week commencing the 20th April, there are three lessons. Lessons 1 and 2 are straightforward. Lesson 3 is split into three sessions and I would suggest you complete one a day.

For the week commencing 27th April, there are 5 lessons. Two of these require you to listen to chapters from the book. Lesson 3 is a comprehension. The questions are coloured. Green is mild, amber is medium and red is the hardest. Please answer the questions with full sentences so that they make sense to the reader.


Please complete the daily tasks on White Rose. Follow the link then select Year 4. Start with Week 1. There is one lesson for each day. There are daily tutorials and then varied questions for you to complete. Some of you may find this too challenging. If so, please try year 3 or 2 so that you can build up your confidence. Remember that if it is too easy, you won’t learn and if it is too difficult you won’t learn. You need to find a level which is challenging and you maybe need to talk to an adult/sibling about.


Please continue to complete a TT Rockstars sheet each day and play the online games. The more you do this, the better you will become. Can you be the next person to get a certificate?

Learning Journey

This term’s learning journey, Castaway, is Geography based. We will be looking at co-ordinates, exploring our environment, researching an island and comparing it with Uckfield.

There is a PowerPoint which contains 4 lessons; two for the week commencing 20th April and two for the week commencing 27th April.


Linked to the learning journey, we will be looking at animals and their habitats and learning how to sort and classify them. There will be one science lesson a week for you to complete but we may add in some extra challenges for you!


This term you are learning about Buddhism, work through the PowerPoints as there is one lesson for each week. If you have difficulty reading the stories please ask an adult to read it to you before you do the activities.


This term for music we would like you to use Charanga (https://www.eastsussexonlinemusic.co.uk/yumu) which you will have your own logins and passwords. There are different units of work to go through but please choose which activity you would like to do each week. (May be a Tuesday afternoon when we had our recorder sessions?)

There is a recorder unit called 'Blown away' which you can work through at your own pace. If you are learning the treble recorder there is a unit in the 'Assignments tab' called 'F is for fairground' and G is for ghost train more units will be added for each note so check back each week.

You can learn to sing songs to help you remember the times tables, these too are under the Assignments tab. There is a singing unit called 'Blackbird by The Beatles' which is a 6 week unit for you to work through independently.

Charanga World is a great way to accelerate your musical progression. It has avatars, musical games, quizzes and beginner instrumental courses that you can follow, every time you use Music World you can earn tokens. All this is here for your enjoyment and for you to have fun! There is a user guide in google classroom under the music topic.

If you have any problems please let Mrs Masham know. Have fun!


We have not set specific French learning but if you can download the Duolingo app, this is a good way to begin learning some French words and sentences. Also, BBC Bitesize have some videos that you can watch to continue learning. Start with numbers and work your way through.

We hope that once you log in and start exploring it will all make more sense. If you have any questions about what is required, please message us through Classroom. We will respond as quickly as possible.

We look forward to seeing your work and hearing from you over the next 2 weeks.

Mrs Rawlins and Mrs Masham

Below is Work for weeks one & two (Week Beginning 23rd & 30th March)

We would like the children to complete the activities set out as this would have been taught over the next couple of weeks. Some helpful resources, including Powerpoints for English, can be found on the Year 4 part of the school website.

Our usual expectations are:· Trying our best at each activity and challenging ourselves· Neatest handwriting· Great presentation skills· Wonderful colouring· Where possible, writing should be in a black handwriting pen or pencil. Editing and improving should be in blue.· Continue to use a dictionary (and other strategies) to help with their spellings and improve vocabulary.
In addition, please ensure your child completes a times tables test every day and reads every day to an adult.

Magpies Home Learning Menu – Terms 3 and 4

We have included a copy of this home learning sheet in case your child has mislaid the original. Ideally, this work will be completed in the usual home learning book. However, if your child can’t find his/hers, please complete in the back of this book.


Please can you support and help your children by providing a place for them to work, along with making sure that they are eating and drinking regularly as part of their daily routines. Where possible and safe to do so, we would also encourage getting some form of exercise, preferably outside in the fresh air.

With our very best wishes

Mrs Masham, Mrs Rawlins and Mrs Willets

These work books below don't need to be printed you can just look at the questions online.

You can complete the questions in the books provided.

Answers to the Work Booklet
Year 4 Home Learning Pack.pdf

How to make a pinchpot tutorial

Times Table RockStars

Keep trying to beat your teachers!


There are other sheets specific for the times tables that the child is currently working on. Again, the children know which tables these are. When they are able to get them all right in 5 minutes, the can move onto the next table.

Newspaper Report

We have been building up to writing a newspaper report. Can the children please use what they have learnt so far to write a report about what happened when Virgo and Elliot went into the river Avon?

Here is a link to other files your teachers wanted to share with you. To make it easier for me they are in the same folder as the times tables.

This includes:

  • Newspaper Tips

  • Indirect / Direct Speech

  • Fact or Opinion

  • Newspaper Wordbank

  • Sentence Stems