Share you Learning

Have you completed a piece of learning that you are really proud of?

Please share it with us so that we can **publish this to inspire others and celebrate with you.

For example, if your child has learnt a new maths skill make a video of them explaining it to others and we can share it.

Maybe you have found the perfect way to entertain your children.

The Draper family have some new additions! I’m taking lots of pictures and videos for Wrens and Ducklings.

Longleat Painting Competition

After entering a painting competition for Longleat the animal safari. Over 530 people entered. You had to choose a animal paint or draw and then give a fact about them. She chose to draw and then do a water colour of a Red deer. Her picture was chosen and is second on a video of only 30 people. She was very happy and proud which is great. I will attach the video and photo of picture. Longleat said it was a great picture. She wanted to tell Mrs Morrall and Mr Blakeley about it.

Please find picture of a banana and chocolate cake baked by Sophie and Emilie Bourne which they baked during the Easter

Mate was really enjoying to do the red cabbage experience, except he used blackberries and blueberries instead of red cabbage and lemon juice instead of vinegar.

The juice worked as an indicator, lemon juice turned the berry juice bright pink and soda crystals turned it deep green.

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**Notes in images. Check you have your parents permission to send in photos. Check what is in the back ground of photos as we won't be able to share photos or videos with any content that is inappropriate.