Continuing the Greek theme in Year 4, I decided to build a Trojan horse with interesting results!

A lack of trojans means we have a variety of Lego figures emerging from the horse including one with a gun even though they hadn't been invented at the time. Home Learning rocks!!

Mate enjoying studying.

Aiden's Science Experiment

Aiden's Science Experiment

They have been busy doing homework but they also managed to do some exercise, plant seeds for the garden and bake Easter cookies.

We went on a scavenger hunt in the woods behind our house.

Invention project week 2 - Doggy Care Robot

invention to change a way to fold the laundry to save time.

Otis has designed a hover grabber crane. It can pick up buildings and move them around the world. It also sucks up rubbish and recycles it.

Ollie's Antarctic model

We have been really busy this week!

Ollie's Antarctic model

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Book Review

Aiden's Weekly Challenge

Mia decided it would be a good idea to invent a way of picking up the shuttle cock

Neeva has designed a water car.

We've made sweetie cakes today

We made raspberry jelly with raspberries in it.

He write a letter to say how much he was missing his friend

He has been busy planting seeds in the greenhouse

Rebecca’s weekly challenge

Daisy's weekly challenge

Lily's weekly challenge

Fun Science Experiment

They used 4 quarters of an apple each and put the different ingredients in each.

Apple, Baking soda, Vinegar, Coffee and Air

As you can see, he wasn't keen on smelling the vinegar!!

Weekly Challenge

Isla Morton

Finley Morton

Painting the allotment gate

Working on a very big collage - still not complete

Making carrot cake

Felicity has been learning shapes

Neve wanted to make a card to everyone at the school and her class friends in Wrens.

She misses everyone and hopes you are all happy and well.

Playing a shopping game, learning about money and doing her maths.

The dummy fairy came took the dummys and left me fairy dress

Playing pop to the shops





Days of the week

Self Portrait

Fantastic Maths Work Iris

William’s written instructions for the paper banger, plus photos of each stage.

Here’s Holly C’s very helpful dual purpose invention... catches robbers and helps tidy hat, coat and shoes away!!!

Here’s Toby’s tidying invention...

Lucy joined the KS2 French club on Zoom on Tuesday this week. She then did the homework to design a chocolate animal for Easter!

Science: Making rainbows

Time Table Practice

Charlotte has not only researched Greek Gods and Music all by herself but also creating a Powerpoint presentation with her findings.


Lovely science experiment.

Weekly Challenge

Holly Jenner designed a "Helping Hands Robot" today.

It's to help her Mum with tidying up, note the especially useful coffee machine on the back!

Alas it cannot be made but I do have three rather unwilling children to help instead!

Look at the green house she made she really enjoyed planting the seeds and we have a grow diary to fill out as they grow.

We are using ink and water to make planets for a space poster

Georgie's Puzzle

Georgie's Owl

Neeva is missing Mrs May a lot.!

Have to find some joy in life somehow?

Stanley's salt dough fossils

Planting Carrots

Forest Activities

Science project started in school before we closed.

Touched by Children!

Neeva and her sister made homemade chappatis today. We are going to make a bread each week.

Watching assembly from home, feeling emotional.

Elma the Elephant

We have been doing lots of work and are loving science experiments. So we did a penny test of one in water and one in lemon juice and left it for half hour then took it out to see which one would be shiny!

We enjoyed the tye dying lots of items and customising her wardrobe!!

Also did a celery stick in food colouring which was fun.

Our favourite was the tye dying lots of items and customising her wardrobe!!

We have also planted lots of seeds flowers and veg! She also become a puzzle master and it's doing pieces with over a hundred pieces and 7 year plus ones and at only 4 she wants a WOW.

Great Home Learning

Sharing weekly challenge.

It’s a Super Plaster

Sharing weekly challenge. It’s a robot camera that takes photos for you and it flies.

Very impressive dancing raisins experiment girls.

Max Tames first book review (reception)

Marley has today created this picture of what makes Harlands special using a scanned image of his class photo.

Lovely art work.

Isabella was doing a poster of the stages of sexual reproduction of animals and decided to do a poster about a lion.

Jacob was doing a poster of three different flowing plants in the garden and then labelling them.

Week 2 Challenge completed by Daniel

Today Dexter talked about body parts and how our brain works

What makes Harlands School Special

By Freya Turner year 5

Creative Play dough work

Well done Maison from Wrens

Neeva has been copying her favourite book for handwriting practise. She has completed 3 books. Kept her busy for longer than 15mins!

Virtual Drum Lessons

Virtual Drum Lessons

Enjoying creative moments

Jessica's work from this morning.

Here is a photo of a painting I did in watercolour. I’ve also written a story that is 6 pages long about a dragon but it’s too long to photograph.

They have both done lots of cooking which has been great for mummy.

They have been working very hard with their work, especially with her maths.

We’ve been reading The Magic Faraway Tree and Ashton wanted to write his own chapter. We drew a story map together. Then Ashton pretty much wrote this independently with a few spellings from me.

His chapter is called The Land of the Pyramids’ and this is the story so far...

We’ve been playing phonics bingo everyday which Ashton is loving!

Keeping Active

The Project



Lucy had a wonderful time making this PowerPoint all by herself, looking up facts in a book and finding images on the Internet. She then gave the presentation to her parents and her cat!

Looks like a fantastic book review

Wow! Excellent!

Excellent work From Charlotte

Looks very idyllic in this house!

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