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Below is Work for weeks one & two (Week Beginning 23rd & 30th March)

Home learning for Year 6 - Kestrels

Dear Kestrels,

Whilst we are still not in school, as well as finding time to complete any work left on our class page, please find time to do the following:

· Practise times tables, square, prime and cube numbers as well as halving decimals to 10 (1dp) via and

· Continue to read as much as possible

· Complete any pages in your SATs homework booklets

Please feel you can email me at any time Year Sixes – stay safe and hope to see you all soon!

Miss Knott

These work books below don't need to be printed you can just look at the questions online.

You can complete the questions in the books provided.

Answers to the Work Booklet

Maths Resources to help

Covers All Subjects Bitesize

Times Table Practice

Science Experiments

Learning Journey

Research in more detail…

Who owns or governs Antarctica?What should we say in the treaty?Present your findings in any way you like!

Balanced Argument

Write a balanced argument based on whether resources in Antarctica should be exploited or not.

Antarctica Habitat Dioramas

Have a go at making

Antarctic Food Webs

Learn more about the specific species of animals in Antarctica and their relationships by studying or creating a food web.

Snowflake or Antartica-themed Printing

Using potatoes or string, cardboard and sticky back plastic, create some snowflake prints! Try printing them, using different colour paints, on different mediums: paper, fabric etc.