Home learning for Year 1 - Sparrows

Week Beginning 20th April

Dear Sparrows Parents and Children,

As of this week we will be setting more structured lessons for you to follow. The idea is to do a lesson of Maths and a lesson of English each day to help with the routine of learning, to do the ‘frequently’ section a few times a week and then to do other Learning Journey and Science lessons when the mood is right across the week.

I hope you are all well, if you need to contact me for help/ a chat/ any form of support please feel free to do so via the online chat or email- cp@harlandsprimary.org

Have fun and stay safe,

Miss Pooley.


● Practice spelling common exception words from the spelling list (attached in English section) using the type of activities we usually do in our spelling journals

● Practise reading common exception words using flashcards (attached in English section) or spelling list

● Read, read, read! If you run out of things to read, here is a link to a website where you can find free e-books http://www.magickeys.com/books/

● Numbots

● Card games, board games or cookery


In English this week we will be beginning our new book 'Supertato'. This is a fun story about a superhero potato! I hope you enjoy reading it. The English PowerPoint will take you through each lesson, please do just one a day. The first three lessons will be based on Supertato and the last two lessons will be phonics based. I have created worksheets for you to use, however if you are unable to print them off you can do all activities on a normal piece of paper. Writing is something the children tend to need a little more encouragement on so if it's just not happening, leave it and come back to it another time.


In Maths this week we are doing 'time'. We are yet to cover time in Year 1 so this is a completely new concept for the children. Please follow the PowerPoint provided, there are five lessons so please complete just one a day. I have created worksheets for each day if you wish to use them, however within the PowerPoint I have attached links and suggestions to more interactive activities. If you'd prefer to just use these then please do so. Do what works best for you and your child. I have also included additional challenges within the PowerPoint (mastery cards), these are optional.


This week in Science we will be testing materials. I want to find out what material makes the best Superhero cape and I want you to help me! Guidance is provided below. Please remember to send in lots of pictures of yourselves conducting your experiments.

Learning Journey

For our Learning Journey this week we will be focusing on Geography. I have provided a Week 1 and 2 explanation, please only complete the Week 1 task as there will be additional documents going up next week to help with the Week 2 learning. Children will be learning which countries make up the United Kingdom.

Other Learning

This section is optional. If you are looking for extra work or activities to do then you can choose any of the following files. There's some Maths consolidation tasks, English activities (not based on our core text) and some super hero themed bits too. If you happen to do any of this extra work then, as always, please send in pictures. I would love to see what you've been up to!