Share you Learning

Have you completed a piece of learning that you are really proud of?

Please share it with us so that we can **publish this to inspire others and celebrate with you.

For example, if your child has learnt a new maths skill make a video of them explaining it to others and we can share it.

Maybe you have found the perfect way to entertain your children.

Weekly Challenge

Fantatsic! Weekly Challenge

This is Hollie-Mai’s collage created from photos she took of the local bluebells when practicing her photography. No enhancements or editing, just as they are.

Tiger Wars

Sam has made a short stop motion film showing the final scene from his current favourite book, Tiger Wars by Steve Backshall.

In the scene the two main characters, Saker and Sinter, are fighting to gain access to the stolen tigers so they can free them and take the crate of tiger cubs away.

Easter cakes

Lottie took orders for free seeds

Enjoying a special 7th Birthday

Lula's Art

We have planted geranium seeds and they germinated this week

Happy Easter to all Harlanders from Dominic and Adam

Isla made her own puppet theatre

Alex Dunford's work

Oliver Dunfords home school

Elliot Dunford Home School

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**Notes in images. Check you have your parents permission to send in photos. Check what is in the back ground of photos as we won't be able to share photos or videos with any content that is inappropriate.