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Children are often naturally mindful, particularly in their play; but as their lives become more rushed and structured they are less able to tune in to their senses, inner thoughts and emotions.

Children are often under an increased or heightened level of stress which sees the primitive areas of the brain (where your fight or flight response and body regulation live) over active.

Under stress, our pre frontal cortex, which allows us to pause before acting, to reason, to understand the consequences of our actions; and to show empathy and compassion for others can go ‘off line’.

Mindfulness helps calm down the reactive fight or flight response and to re-engage the central pre-frontal cortex, so we are using the whole of our brain instead of just the reactive, primitive part.

Mindfulness develops the whole brain and helps children to understand their emotions and feelings, reducing their risk of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Practicing Mindfulness helps children to notice the positives, and develop a sense of appreciation, gratitude and contentment. All of that equals HAPPINESS!

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