Home learning for Year 2 - Woodpeckers

Week Beginning 13th July

Please share your learning with me, by sending to sm@harlandsprimary.org

Dear Woodpeckers Parents and Children

Thank you for sharing some of your lovely work with me. As ever, the idea is to do a lesson of Maths and a lesson of English each day to help with the routine of learning, to do the ‘frequently’ section a few times a week and then to do other Learning Journey and Science lessons when the mood is right across the week. I look forward to seeing what you get up to and seeing you all again on Monday 20th July.

Good luck, shipmates!

From Captain May!


● Practice this week’s spellings using the type of activities we usually do in our spelling journals

● read, read, read

● Numbots

● card games, board games or cookery

● telling the time



Day 1: Write a book review on either The Lonely Beast or on The Pirates Next Door. Use the Book Review sheet to help you think about what you need to include.

Day 2: Use this link https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zfqsm39 to work on your comprehension skills. Follow the whole session and try the tasks.

Day 3: Spelling investigation and spellings –find out about alternative spellings for words ending with the /l/ sound.

Day 4: When you return to school in September, you will be in Year 3 with Mrs Morrall. She needs to know all about you, so today I’d like you to write her a letter telling her about yourself. We’ve written letters this term, so look back at those if you need help remembering how to set your letter out. Today is about thinking/planning what you need to write, how you will put that into sentences, etc and then in tomorrow’s session you can make it your best presentation. Write it as a draft today. Include what you like doing in school and at home, what you hope to find out about in year 3, what you are looking forward to. You can ask questions too.

Day 5: Now you need to make your letter be something to be proud of, to show your new teacher just how fabulous you are. Edit what you wrote yesterday and then write up your letter – best handwriting, spellings, punctuation, etc. Send them to the usual email sm@harlandsprimary.org and I will make sure Mrs Morrall gets them.


Maths: This week, we are going to continue to look at calculations:

Day 1: equal grouping for multiplication

Day 2: multiplication

Day 3: sharing

Day 4: grouping

Day 5: times tables

A final maths mystery...



Our pirates need to be healthy in ways other than just eating healthily to survive their long journeys, so this week’s science is about healthy bodies. Use the Healthy Body - Exercise PowerPoint to find out about why we need to exercise. The PowerPoint includes a link (https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/zvdkjxs) and your tasks.

Learning Journey

Learning Journey:

Shipmates, you have found out about pirates and journeys, following and making maps, different places in the world…This week’s Learning Journey work is to use what you know to do one, some or all of the following:

· Set sail to return home from the place you visited and describe your journey – through writing and/or pictures. Think about what journeying on a pirate ship would be like, what you might see on your way, etc. You could do it as a diary. You could use any medium you like to create your pictures.

· Set sail to return home from the place you visited but have a problem on the journey and end up washed ashore on a deserted island. Describe the island – through writing and/or pictures. Think about what you find there, what you do to survive, etc. You could even send a message in a bottle. You could use any medium you like to create your pictures.

· Set sail to return home from the place you visited but stop off to bury your treasure on an island. Create a map of the island and where you bury your treasure and write the instructions to follow.

· Make pirate treasure – these instructions may help: https://www.instructables.com/id/Pirate-Treasure-from-Trash-Really/

You could also make a treasure chest to store it in – these instructions may help: https://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Pirate-Treasure-Chest