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Below is Work for weeks one & two (Week Beginning 23rd & 30th March)

Home learning for Year 5 - Jackdaws

Dear Jackdaw Class

Whilst you are unable to come into school we hope you will access the school website to keep up with work shown in the year 5 folder.

As well as this you could

· Complete the tasks on the year 5 Home Learning Grid.

· Keep up with your reading practice –try to read as many different genres as you can, keep a good record of what you read –use this link to look for new books and authors

· Go for a walk or a hike, maintain the appropriate social distance from other people. Draw what you see or take photos.

· Get out your board games, cards, construction toys, trains, playsets, and puzzles and play together with your family

· Science to do at home:

Science doesn’t just have to happen in the classroom at school. There are plenty of activities your children can engage with at home.

· for aspiring scientists:


· National Geographic kids


Easy experiments you can support your children with at home:


Best wishes Mrs Hill & Mrs Phillips

These work books below don't need to be printed you can just look at the questions online.

You can complete the questions in the books provided.

Answers to the Work Booklet
Year 5 Home Learning Pack .pdf

Covers All Subjects Bitesize

Times Table Practice

Science Experiments