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Personal Development

What does this look like at Harlands?

Personal development is crucial to us at Harlands because it's the engine that drives our children towards a more fulfilling life. It encompasses a variety of areas that all contribute to our well-being and ability to thrive. Here's a breakdown of why it's so important:

We achieve this through many different ways focusing on our core mission statement. 

1 Week 1 Values

We provide children with a range of opportunities to ensure they are all able to achieve to their fullest potential and enable our children to...

4 Week 4 Range of Opportunities

develop their uniqueness...

2 Week 2 Individuality


feel safe and secure...

3 Week 3 Learn Best - Safe Secure & Happy


be inspired to learn about the amazing world around them and develop a love of learning.

5 Week 5 Amazed at the world around them reduced


develop and love of learning and have the confidence to embrace new challenges...

6 Week 6 Being confident to try new things


become happy and sociable...

2 Week 2 happier
1 Week 1 Sociable


- Thrive

- worry buster groups

- Lego therapy

- self-awareness

become expressive and creative...

4 Week 4 expressive


become independent and enthusiastic...

3 Week 3 independance
5 Week 5 enthusiastic - reduced


are instilled with values that prepare them to become responsible members of society.

2 Week 2 responsible citizens in society