Home learning for Year 1 - Sparrows

Week Beginning 6th July

Dear Sparrows Parents and Children,

At the bottom of the page I have included a 6 week Yoga course for the children to complete- enjoy!

As always, please complete a lesson of Maths and English each day and do the ‘frequently’ section a few times a week. Then you can do the Learning Journey and Science lesson when the mood is right across the week. I have also included an 'Other Learning' section, in case you wanted anything extra!

I hope you are all well, if you need to contact me for help/ a chat/ any form of support please feel free to do so via email- cp@harlandsprimary.org

Stay safe,

Miss Pooley.


● Practice spelling common exception words from the spelling list (attached in Other Learning - English) using the type of activities we usually do in our spelling journals

● Practise reading common exception words using flashcards or spelling list (attached in Other Learning - English)

● Read, read, read! If you run out of things to read, here is a link to a website where you can find free e-books http://www.magickeys.com/books/

● Numbots

● Card games, board games or cookery


In English we will be continuing our new book. 'Eliot Midnight Superhero' by Anne Cottringer. On Thursday and Friday we will be continuing practising our spellings and phonics. I have also included cursive handwriting sheets for you to practise whenever you feel is right.


This week we will be focusing on doubling and halving. I am aware we have touched on this already but I felt it would be useful to go over it again (in a different way). Please follow the PowerPoint provided. We will be completing the assessments separately in afternoon lessons, you can choose to do this if you want but please don't feel you have to.


This week in Science we will be continuing to look at trees. We will be matching leaves to trees.

  • If you have time, please collect the following leaves for the starter activity; Oak, Horse Chestnut, Silver Birch, Holly and Beech (this could be made into a 'leaf hunt' type of activity. If you don't have time then you can use the printed pictures provided.

Starter: Print out pictures of trees. You should have a collection of real leaves/ printed pictures of leaves. Can you match the right leaf to the right tree? Please allow the children to do this without help (it doesn't matter if they get it wrong!).

Recap: Using the PowerPoint from last week, recap any trees/ leaves you didn't know and correct your sorting (from starter).

Lesson: Complete the sheet by cutting out and matching the leaf to the correct tree.

Learning Journey

For our Learning Journey this week we will be looking at a famous artist called 'Andy Warhol'. Next week we will be making our own superhero pop-art based on his work. However, this week we will be studying the art work and saying what we like/ could improve about it.

Find out more about Andy Warhol here: https://www.tate.org.uk/kids/explore/who-is/who-andy-warhol

Other Learning

This section is optional. If you are looking for extra work or activities to do then you can choose any of the following files. There's some Maths consolidation tasks, English activities (not based on our core text) and some super hero themed bits too.


I have added 6 lessons of Yoga, if you wanted to give it a go. Each lesson comes with a PowerPoint presentation, lesson plan and resources. Enjoy!