Welcome to Harlands Community

Primary & Nursery School

Vision & Values


We learn, we achieve, we have fun… everyone matters.

At Harlands we believe that every child is unique and learns best when they are feeling safe, secure and happy. We provide children with a range of opportunities to ensure they are all able to achieve to their fullest potential. Our children are inspired to learn about the amazing world around them, encouraged to develop a love of learning and given confidence to embrace new challenges. We support all of our children to become happy, independent, expressive, enthusiastic, sociable and creative individuals, instilling values that prepare them to become responsible citizens in society.


All members of staff, both teaching and non-teaching, share and endorse the school values:

  • Be gentle - to be polite, caring and considerate.

  • Be kind – to become thoughtful, compassionate and charitable to others.

  • Look after our school - to become respectful of property and the wider environment.

  • Tell the truth - to become honest and trustworthy; ambassadors for a moral purpose.

  • Try our best - to aspire to be the best you can be and to become resilient with a love of learning.