Lock Down Learning - January 2021

Longleat Adventure

Enter a land of adventure. Where lions roam. Tigers stalk. And monkeys swing. Travel through time in a grand stately home. Lose yourself in one of our magical mazes. Hold exotic creatures from the ends of the Earth. This is Longleat. Jump in.

Microsoft Teams Meeting -------- Start here --->

9.30am for the first adventure instructions.

1.00pm for the second adventure instructions.

9.30am Trip

1:00pm Trip

Safari Trip: Part 1 30 minutes long

Fasten your seatbelts for the infamous Longleat Safari where you will journey through the African reserve, meeting all sorts of animals both feathered and furred!

Safari Trip: Part 2 21 minutes long.

Here we’ll meet animals from six different continents including Africa, North and South America, Asia, Europe and Australia. You will travel through ‘Jungle Kingdom’, onto the ‘Jungle Cruise’ and finally, venturing into ‘The Monkey Temple’.

Safari Trip: Part 3 27 minutes long.

Take a trip ‘down under’ and meet all sorts of animals in the ‘Australian Outback’

Task Four - Create

A) Conservation Learning Pack

  • Learn about some words associated with the topic wildlife conservation.

  • Learn about the role of animal collections in wildlife conservation.

LL Home-Schooling-Resources---Conservation.pdf

B) Animal Adaptations Learning Pack

  • Learn about some words related to the topic of animal adaptations.

  • Learn how features of the animal’s body help them survive where they live.

LL Home-Schooling-Resources---Animal-Adaptation.pdf

C) Marvellous Monsters

Find out all about some minibeasts here:

LL MM-Factfiles-(MR).pdf

And have a go at some of the activities in this pack:

LL Teachers-Pack-v2-(MR).pdf

Craft ideas


Rumble in the Jungle by Giles Andrae and David Wojtowycz

Walking through the Jungle by Julie Lacome

Mad about Minibeasts by Giles Andrae and David Wojtowycz

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Just for some fun...

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