Home learning for Nursery - Ducklings 2

Hi Ducklings! Hope you are having fun and keeping safe! Here are some more suggestions of things you can be doing at home. We are thinking of you all.

Many Thanks Mrs Pontefract & Mrs Draper


Practice dressing and undressing yourselves, including coats and shoes and socks.

Do you wash your hands and blow your nose?

Can you put your toys away when you have finished with them?

Can you use your own knife and fork?

Mark Making

Draw with sticks in sand and mud.

Paint, draw and colour.

Make circles and wiggly lines in shaving foam etc.

Practise mark making patterns (small circles, crosses, straight lines, wiggly lines or boxes).

Make your name from playdough, pipe cleaners, foil etc.

Practise writing your name.

Talk, talk, talk

Allow your child to make decisions and talk about their feelings.

Read stories, magazines, recipes etc and talk about them.

Make up stories and change familiar ones.

Play with words. Sing them, whisper them, list rhyming ones, invent new ones.

Describe the world around you, thinking about colour shape and texture.

Role play: act out stories and real life roles, play with small world and dress up.

Look at old photos together.

Talk to other family members.

Listening ears

Give your child instructions to carry out when doing things together.

Make deliberate mistakes when singing rhymes to see if they notice.

Play memory games eg. I spy and Simon says. Take turns.

Go outside and spend a minute listening. What did you hear?

Talk about stories. What happened? Who are the characters? What might happen next?

Fun Maths

Go on number hunts.

Count everything! Jumps, claps, petals on a flower, cars in the street etc.

Sing rhymes and songs together.

Counting games eg. Dominoes or snakes and ladders.

Have a teddy bears picnic and share out the raisins or biscuits.

Go on a pattern hunt and make your own pattern

Measure things. Who’s the tallest? Who can jump the furthest?

Compare and describe objects. Was one heavier? How did it feel?

Play with time. How long can you stand on one leg? How many jumps can you do in a minute?

Cut shapes out carefully. Can you name it?

If you would like a little more...please see the resources below.

There are many others similar to this available on twinkl that you may like to have a go at with your child.