Home learning for Reception - Wrens

Week Beginning 13th July

Dear Wrens Parents and Children,

Unbelievably it is our final week before the summer holidays- week 7 of Term 6. We hope you will enjoy the activities we have planned for you this week.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or need any support.

Mrs Pontefract & Mrs Pratt


Next week you will be able to meet your new Year One teacher Miss Pooley. As an extra activity this week please could you write her a letter or some facts about yourself?

If you upload this onto Tapestry we will be able to print them in school :-)



Pirate tricky word booklet: You may like to have a go at one or two of these each day.


Learn to read the tricky word “were” as today’s focus.

Look at how we read two-syllable words e.g.





Write these 2 syllable words: pondweed, handstand, helper

Phase 4 word pairs: https://www.phonicsbloom.com/uk/game/word-pairs?phase=4

pirate tricky word booklet.pdf


Focus on reading the tricky word ‘little’

Read these two syllable words: softest, sandwich, shelving.

Write these two syllable words: driftwood, lunchbox, shelter.

Write the sentence “they have a green lunchbox”


Pirate phonics mosaics: https://www.twinkl.co.uk/resource/t-l-526882-pirates-phase-4-phonics-mosaic-activity-sheets


Focus on reading the tricky word ‘one’

Read these two syllable words: giftbag, starlight, packet.

Write the sentence:

“I keep bumping into things in the dark.”

Practise all your tricky words!


Learn to write the tricky word ‘all’

Play buried treasure on Phonics play- select ‘polysyllabic words’




Use ‘Teach Your monster to read’ (website & app available)

Or: Oxford Owl (free sign up and access to ebooks including Biff & Chip ones)

Listen to this weeks story: Pirates Love Underpants


Discuss the story together.

Look for the words that rhyme- can you write them down?


Today think about if you were a pirate- would you like to be a pirate? Why? Or why not?

Can you draw yourself as a pirate and make up a pirate name?

Here are some more activities related to the book:

Pirates love Underpants activities.pdf


Imagine you have been shipwrecked on desert island.

Write a message asking for help and describing where you are that you can pretend to put in a bottle to send for help!

Pirate storyboard.pdf


Remind yourself about the Pirates love Underpants story.

What do you think would happen next? Can you write what happens next in the story- how would the sleeping pirates try to steal back the Pants of Gold?


Well done to those of you playing on Numbots. Please do remember that this is designed to be played little and often, so just 5 minutes at a time four or five times a week. Each section aims for the children to develop their understanding of the concept before they move on :-)


Pirates need a telescope.

Can you make one today using a kitchen roll or tube at home?

Decorate your telescope using a pattern. Make sure you decide on your pattern first, will it be an AB, ABB or ABC pattern for example?


Use your design and maths skills to make a pirate ship that will float. Can it manage to hold a coin? How many pieces of treasure can it hold? What objects around the house could you use that will float?

All the best ships have a mast and sail- does yours? Has your ship got a name?


Can you design your own pirate flag?

Now can you make one that is symmetrical? This will be more of a challenge. Fold your piece of paper down the middle, if you put a square on one side then you have to put one on the other side too!

pirate flag design.pdf


Pirate counting challenge


Learning Journey


First today you need to prepare something for an activity later in the week- please freeze some coins (pirate treasure) in yoghurt pots or similar.

Now get crafty making a pirate


Can you design your own pirate pants?

Can you make a pirate hat?

Design underpants.pdf
pirate hat.pdf


Pirates love treasure! Today you need to try and get those coins out of the ice! How could you do it? Is there anything that will speed up the process?


Hide some treasure for someone and then draw a map to help them find it!

Can you make a treasure chest?

Cosmic Kids: Pirate Yoga https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gldw-_9blXM

Pirate treasure map.pdf

Other Learning

This week Number 42: Play with playdough, clay, gloop or slime!