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At Harlands Primary School, we believe in the importance of Science in primary education and we aim to encourage children to develop their scientific thinking and knowledge through hands on exploration and experimentation with children beginning to understand science capital. Where relevant science skills and knowledge is linked to the term’s theme to give, a real relevance to the children’s learning. This cohesive approach leads children to enjoy new scientific discoveries, inspiring them and equipping them with the skills to shape how we live in our rapidly changing society.

As a school, we have written a set of principles for the children to follow and develop in their science lessons. These are:

Learning is engaging, exciting and fun.

Child led questioning is encouraged.

It is practical and is evidenced in creative ways.

Includes the use of scientific language and conventions.

It takes account of prior knowledge and learning.

The learning includes a variety of scientific enquiry types.

It is relevant as they can make links and place it within their learning.

Science to do at home:

Science doesn’t just have to happen in the classroom at school. There are plenty of activities your children can engage with at home.

Try these YouTube channels for aspiring scientists:




National Geographic kids


Easy experiments you can support your children with at home:


Primary Science Teaching Trust

Sussex Science Cluster