Home learning for Year 2 - Woodpeckers

Below is Work for weeks one & two (Week Beginning 23rd & 30th March)

To practice:

  • Lots of reading, asking questions about what they've read.

  • Spelling practice - spelling journals will be a reminder of what we've covered.

  • Writing - write letters, instructions, stories, remembering sentence structure and punctuation

  • Handwriting - a letter formation sheet has been sent home to aid formation.

  • Maths - Numbots; play board games; do some cooking; practice adding and subtracting with numbers to 100; 2s, 5s, 10s times tables.

Also attached are activities to support your learning. All work can be completed in the exercise books provided by the school.

Best wishes,

Mrs May

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Year 2 Home Learning Pack Twinkle.pdf

Little Birdy Spelling

Sentence Play

Spooky Spellings


Find out about Mary Anning and dinosaur fossils.

Create a dinosaur and its habitat - write about it, draw it, make a collage or painting