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Enrichment Days

Fun Fridays

Get ready to blast off into a world of wonder! Every Friday, our school gears up for an epic Curriculum Adventure. Dive deep into the mysteries of computing, soar through the skies with music, and unleash your inner creativity with creative arts. Our specialist teachers will be your guides on this incredible journey, helping you unlock hidden talents and discover the endless possibilities that lie within each subject.

So, ditch the textbooks and ditch the desks! It's time to grab your curiosity and get ready for an unforgettable learning experience. Every Friday is an adventure waiting to happen!

On Fridays children from Year 2 to Year 6 move around the different subjects and are taught by more specialist teachers to enhance our learning provision.

How does it work?

For 6 weeks every a year group completes the Cookery and DT Rotation.

After the six weeks the class that have been learning cookery

and design technology skills switch into the other rotation computing subjects

like; Religious Education, Music, Computing and Computing.

This example shows our rotation one which changes after 6 weeks.


Whipping up cheese straws becomes chemistry, stirring soup a math lesson - cooking transforms primary kitchens into learning labs. Beyond fueling young bodies, it ignites essential skills. Chopping peppers hones fine motor skills, measuring ingredients teaches fractions, while following recipes builds reading comprehension.

 Each dish conquered grants confidence, while family feasts foster teamwork and cultural exploration. Forget picky eaters - children who cook, embrace diverse flavors. This life skill nurtures healthy choices, combats processed temptations, and empowers them to nourish themselves, later in life, with self-reliance and joy. It's not just about dinner, it's about preparing them for a richer, tastier future.


Melodies dance in young ears, igniting a symphony of benefits. Beats like tiny hammers sculpt brains, building pathways for language, learning, and memory. Rhymes and rhythms weave magic spells, boosting vocabulary and fluency. Tiny bodies become instruments, swaying to the pulse, refining motor skills and coordination. 

Songs unlock emotions, painting joy, comfort, and understanding. Each note a brushstroke, enriching empathy and self-expression. A chorus becomes a community, harmonizing voices and hearts, fostering teamwork and collaboration. Music doesn't just fill ears, it fuels young minds, bodies, and souls, composing a vibrant soundtrack for lifelong learning and growth.

Religious Education

In the whirlwind of primary school, religious education offers a unique space for exploration and growth. It's not just about learning tenets and traditions, but about nurturing young minds in understanding different belief systems and their impact on individuals and communities. It's a journey of self-discovery, prompting questions about values, ethics, and one's place in the world.

Imagine classrooms humming with discussions on kindness, compassion, and forgiveness, inspired by diverse religious narratives. Children grapple with concepts like justice, responsibility, and hope, finding them reflected in different faiths. Through respectful dialogue and exposure to varied perspectives, empathy blossoms, and understanding bridges divides. Religious education doesn't impose beliefs, but equips children with the tools to navigate a complex world filled with diverse viewpoints. It fosters critical thinking, open-mindedness, and a sense of belonging within the wider human tapestry. This, in turn, lays the groundwork for respectful coexistence and a richer understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Physical Education

Bursting with boundless energy, primary-aged kids crave movement. PE channels that spark into a vibrant journey of physical and mental well-being. From jumping rope rhythms to teamwork in tag games, they develop gross motor skills, building strength and coordination. Laughter echoes as they toss frisbees, honing fine motor skills and spatial awareness. But PE is more than a sweat session. It nurtures social skills, fostering collaboration and respect through shared goals.

 Endorphins dance, boosting mood and focus, ready to be channeled into classrooms. PE cultivates healthy habits, combating childhood obesity and laying a foundation for lifelong physical activity. It's a playground for confidence, where every hurdle aced and every ball caught strengthens their belief in themselves. PE isn't just about fitness, it's about unleashing the happy, healthy, confident potential within every child.


Code ignites young minds, a playground for logic and creation. Tiny fingers tap into a world of possibilities, where robots dance and stories bloom on screens. Computing isn't just games, it's building problem-solvers. Drag-and-drop blocks become algorithms, puzzles unraveling into solutions. It's math magic, weaving pixels into patterns, numbers into narratives. 

Collaboration thrives, coding buddies crafting digital realms, sharing and debugging. Beyond screens, confidence blooms, tech tools empower, from robots buzzing to websites built with pride. From pixels to pizzazz, computing crafts not just tech wizards, but curious creators, ready to shape tomorrow's world.

Design Technology

In a world of tablets and screens, Design Technology offers primary-aged children a vital hands-on playground. It sparks imaginations, not apps, transforming cardboard boxes into castles and scraps into robots. Children become makers, not just consumers, wielding hammers not controllers. 

Through trial and tinkering, they grasp cause and effect, learning geometry from bridges and physics from catapults. Teamwork blossoms as ideas bounce and tools share, forging problem-solving skills as robust as their creations. 

Beyond mere projects, Design Technology fosters self-belief and resilience. Each completed gadget whispers, "I made that," nurturing a can-do spirit that will shape their future, building not just objects, but the confidence to build anything they dream.