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Primary & Nursery School

Nursery Class

Early Years Lead Karen Pratt
Nursery Assistant Mrs Jo Cook
Nursery Assistant Miss Sherri Coltman
Nursery Assistant Miss Molly Crock
Nursery Assistant Mrs Francesca Moffett

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Nursery Learning

The Nursery is an integral part of the school and works very closely with the Reception class running as a Foundation Stage. Our philosophy is to nurture children through play and learning activities, to help them grow in confidence, independence and social skills. We play an important part in their formative years and make everyday a learning opportunity and time to discover new skills. 

The nursery space includes a classroom, a kitchen, an office area, an activity area, and an outdoor play area. Children also have access to the school hall, playground and library. Our Nursery children share the Foundation Stage environment with the Reception class children, in particular the garden and ‘shared area’ spaces.