Home learning for Year 1 - Squirrels

Week Beginning 1st March 2021

Dear Squirrels Parents and Children,

New: PE Video

Please complete a lesson of Maths and English each day and do the ‘frequently’ section a few times a week. Then you can do the Learning Journey and Science lesson when the mood is right across the week. I have also included an 'Other Learning' section, in case you wanted anything extra!

I hope you are all well. If you need to contact me for help/ a chat/ any form of support or just to send me pictures of your child's work, please feel free to do so via email- cp@harlandsprimary.org

Stay safe,

Miss Pooley.


Read, read, read! If you run out of things to read, here is a link to a website where you can find free e-books http://www.magickeys.com/books/

● Practice spelling common exception words from the spelling list (attached in Other Learning - English). These can be practised any way you like, some ideas are; bubble writing, rainbow coloured writing, curly writing, crazy writing, capital letters, tiny writing, etc.

● Practise reading common exception words using flashcards or spelling list (attached in Other Learning - English)

Numbots (email me if you can't remember your log in)

● Card games, board games or cookery


In English this week we will be starting our new book 'Juniper Jupiter'.

Monday-Wednesday will be English based. Thursday-Friday will be Phonics based. Please follow the PowerPoint provided below, it will explain everything you need to know.

Here is a fun superhero themed English game for the children to have a go at too https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zd63xyc/articles/zncgvk7


My Movie 7.mov

Phonics video focusing on the 'ea' sound.

My Movie 6.mov

Here is the recipe for the Play Dough (as shown in video)

Weekly Story

My Movie 8.mov

Here is another lovely story from Miss Taylor!


This week we will be following the PowerPoint provided below for our Maths lessons. We will be focusing on 'Time' and 'counting in 2s, 5s and 10s'.

Due to only having 4 lessons last week, I have included an extra lesson this week. If you do not have time to complete it, don't worry.

Here is a fun 'karate cats' game you could have a go at too https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zjkphbk/articles/zf4sscw


This week in Science we will be testing one of our senses... sight!

Put your sight to the test with this activity. What do you think this could be a picture of? Zoom out to discover the answer! https://explorify.wellcome.ac.uk/en/activities/zoom-in-zoom-out/prints

Check out this video on sight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axpCN6Vj9p0

I have attached a sheet and task explanation below.

Learning Journey

For our Learning Journey this week we will be looking at 'real-life superheroes'. I have attached a letter template below, I want you to write to a key worker you know, thanking them for all their hard work over the lockdown. This could be doctors, nurses, supermarket workers, binmen, postmen, carers, or anyone who is working hard at the moment and helping others!

I have also attached some colouring sheets too.

Other Learning

This section is optional. If you are looking for extra work or activities to do then you can choose any of the following files. There's some Maths consolidation tasks, English activities (not based on our core text) and some super hero themed bits too.


My Movie 5.mov

You can also have a go at this PE challenge too!


I have added 6 lessons of Yoga, if you wanted to give it a go. Each lesson comes with a PowerPoint presentation, lesson plan and resources. Enjoy!

There is also some 'at home' PE plans/ activities available through this link: www.peplanning.org.uk/downloads/pe-at-home